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NetApp EF300
Entry-level all flash storage systems for wide range of mixed enterprise workloads

NetApp EF300

NetApp Products
NetApp EF-Series All-Flash Arrays
NetApp EF300 All-Flash Array
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Enterprises of every size are finding that they must evolve and innovate to gain competitive advantage. Performance and availability of key business applications is tightly linked to time to market, revenue, and customer satisfaction, and enterprises want solutions that improve the speed and responsiveness of these applications.

At the same time, managing data keeps getting more complex and costly—especially with limited resources, space, and power. Cost-effectiveness of operations is just as important as operating without disruptions and delivering consistent performance. Organizations also want the ability to gain value and insights from their data that will differentiate them from competitors and speed time to market.

The NetApp EF-Series is a family of entry-level and midrange all-flash storage arrays that can accelerate access to your data and help you derive value from it faster. These systems offer NVMe flash storage and provide you with affordable to extreme IOPS, response times under 100 microseconds, and bandwidth up to 44GBps. They’re ideal for mixed workloads and demanding applications such as analytics, high-performance computing (HPC), and artificial intelligence (AI).

The EF-Series is packed with enterprise-proven capabilities, including:

  • NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) support, providing lowest latency and investment protection
  • Fibre Channel (FC), iSCSI, and InfiniBand (IB) support for enhanced interoperability with your existing SAN infrastructure
  • Redundant components with automated failover
  • Advanced monitoring and diagnostics with proactive repair
  • Intuitive storage management with comprehensive tuning functions
  • Full-function NetApp SANtricity Web Services embedded REST API
  • SANtricity Snapshot technology, volume copy, mirroring for data protection where supported, and Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP)
  • SANtricity data assurance (T10-PI standard) for data integrity and protection against silent data inconsistency

Combined, these capabilities offer outstanding price/ performance, configuration flexibility, and simplicity in a compact package to help you make actionable decisions faster and more securely. The EF-Series helps you protect your storage investment with systems that grow with your business.

Key Benefits


  • Modular and flexible configuration options to support demanding performance and cost requirements
  • Industry-leading IOPS and ultralow latency to increase application responsiveness
  • NVMe delivers 2 times the performance of SAS-based all-flash arrays
  • Support for multiple high-speed host interfaces in 2U form factor


  • Industry-leading price/performance for both IOPS and bandwidth
  • NVMe-oF and SCSI options provide investment protection to meet future demands without forklift upgrades


  • Simple, flexible online administration
  • Browser-based on-box GUI with guided configuration and recovery guru
  • SQL Server setup in under 6 minutes
  • Embedded REST APIs for easy integration
  • Worry-free reliability with over 1 million installations

Why NetApp EF-Series arrays?

Say hello to faster, more actionable results

Big data analytics. High-performance computing. Demanding databases. NetApp EF-Series all-flash arrays are built for today’s giant workloads (and the even bigger ones to come).

EF-Series arrays combine impressive IOPS, microsecond response times, and incredible throughput capacity, so your most demanding apps never miss a beat. In addition, the EF-Series is powered by NetApp SANtricity software to give you extensive configuration flexibility, custom performance tuning, and complete control over data placement. In other words, a trifecta of data management brilliance.


NetApp Products
NetApp EF-Series All-Flash Arrays
NetApp EF300 All-Flash Array
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