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Private Cloud
Build a dynamic private cloud with NetApp clustered Data ONTAP for greater IT flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings.

Private Cloud

Meet your dynamic business needs by using the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP storage operating system. Data ONTAP is a universal data platform that lets you create a private cloud services delivery model and extend it to a hybrid cloud.

Use NetApp OnCommand management software’s automated and analytical tools to boost utilization and performance. Shift your blend of opex and capex as business needs require.



Key Point

  • Reduce time to provision a system and activate new applications.
  • Host multiple tenants on a single, secure shared infrastructure.
  • Gain operational and staff efficiencies with standardized management.
  • Reduce manual effort with policy-based automation.

Enable IT as a service. Use NetApp clustered Data ONTAP to create a virtualized shared IT infrastructure.

Evolve your IT infrastructure to private cloud computing. Follow NetApp best practices:

  • Service Analytics: Optimize your services.
  • Automation: Deploy your services faster.
  • Self-Service: Empower IT and your end users.

Manage and maintain control over your private cloud environment. Leverage these NetApp core capabilities:

  • NetApp clustered Data ONTAP software provides a single storage and data management platform that supports multiple workloads.
  • Storage efficiency helps reduce capacity requirements and costs by 50% or more.
  • Secure multi-tenancy segments, isolates, and delivers shared server, storage, and network resources.
  • Service automation and analytics automate storage provisioning, comprehensive visibility, and monitoring.
  • Integrated data protection helps meet your backup, disaster recovery, archiving, compliance, and security service-level agreements.
  • Virtual storage tiering automates data movement based on application affinity and workload.
  • Embedded data security protects data assets through role-based administration, encryption, and anti-virus.

NetApp technologies deliver quick, secure access for cloud services:

OpenStack software makes deployment of cloud services simpler, faster, and more scalable.

NetApp StorageGRID object storage software enables secure management of petabyte-scale distributed content repositories.