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NetApp Data Storage
Modernize and simplify your data storage whether on-prem, in the cloud or in a hybrid-cloud environment.

NetApp Data Storage

The Best Data Storage Lineup Anywhere

Unified storage that grows with you, consumed any way you want it, for any workload, any data, anywhere.

World's leading storage powerhouses

Intelligent data infrastructure options to address any need.

Let us help you

From bringing simplicity and performance to the data center to protecting and securing sensitive company and customer information, NetApp is ready to help solve your biggest challenges.

Modernize your data center

Shrink your storage footprint by up to 19x, reduce your cooling costs by up to 11x, and give your data center the ability to handle multiple workloads, petabytes of data, and thousands of end users with our feature-rich lineup of all-flash arrays and leading cloud connectivity.

Accelerate your AI journey

Add compute, storage, and networking to clustered configurations without disrupting ongoing operations. Keep data flowing to deep learning processes with the industry’s fastest and most flexible all-flash storage, including the world’s first end-to-end NVMe technologies.

Protect against Ransomware

Meet the strictest backup and recovery windows, enhance the resilience of your infrastructure, prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, and modification of data, and comply with applicable regulations.

Fast can always be faster

Performance is everything at AMF1® Team. For IT, this means getting technology changes onto the car as quickly as possible so the team can translate them to performance on the track.

NetApp Empowers TU DELFT To Save The Planet

Using their supercomputer, DelftBlue, TU Delft utilizes NetApp solutions for increased speed, capacity, and availability, empowering university research and academic programs.

What’s your storage challenge?

Choose DataStorage for all your needs

  • Remove operational complexity and overcome the IT skills gap

  • Accelerate AI workloads

  • Deliver a cloud-like experience with STaaS

  • Protect from Ransomware and Cybersecurity attacks

Why NetApp for data storage?

NetApp is a proven leader when it comes to modernizing and simplifying your storage environment. From simple, smart, trusted storage for shared NAS and SAN environments to arrays built for dedicated, high-bandwidth applications like data analytics and disk-based backup, we work with you to design the perfect solution.

And when you're ready to grow, we'll be there with the latest technologies that we're helping to shape. Like today's NVMe, a storage access and transport protocol that delivers the highest throughput and fastest response times yet for enterprise workloads.

NetApp Data Storage Systems and Hardware

Keep your data safe and sound

Unprotected data is a disaster waiting to happen. And traditional data protection approaches aren’t keeping pace with IT complexity and growing threats. With NetApp, you can be confident that your data is secure in the cloud without sacrificing application performance. Plan backups and disaster recovery. Increase privacy and compliance. Prevent ransomware. Stay ahead of emerging threats.