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NetApp AltaVault Cloud-Integrated Storage
Boost recovery, cut costs, reduce risks, and back up to the cloud with AltaVault

NetApp AltaVault Cloud-Integrated Storage

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Best For

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM SoftLayer
  • Object Storage
  • OpenStack

Traditional backup and recovery solutions fall short because they are:

  • Too slow. Users expect instant recovery and minimal data loss, but legacy backup and recovery strategies can’t keep pace. As a result, many organizations fail to meet backup and recovery windows.
  • Too expensive. As storage grows, companies struggle with the rising cost of protecting that data on premises. Additionally, bandwidth costs and constraints become more acute with larger datasets.
  • Too risky. Many organizations still rely on tape, which increases risk exposure because of the potential for lost media in transport, increased downtime and data loss, and limited testing ability.
  • Too complex. With an ever-increasing number of critical applications to protect, along with complex backup architectures, multiple backup apps, and error-prone legacy technologies, backup is incredibly complex.

AltaVault Solves Backup, Archive, and Restore Challenges

NetApp AltaVault (formerly SteelStore) enables customers to securely back up data to any cloud at up to 90% less cost compared to on-premises solutions. AltaVault gives customers the power to tap into cloud economics while preserving investments in existing backup infrastructure and meeting backup and recovery SLAs.

NetApp AltaVault delivers enterprise-class data protection and storage—at up to 90% less cost than on-premises solutions.

Looking to leverage public and private cloud storage as part of your backup and archive strategy? Game-changing NetApp AltaVault cloud-integrated storage speeds recovery and reduces your risk, enabling you back up data with security to any cloud.

Enjoy the flexibility and economics of cloud. Cut management costs and complexity. Augment your existing data storage infrastructure with AltaVault:

  • Efficient: Uses inline deduplication and compression for up to 30:1 data-reduction ratios
  • Open: Integrates with ease into your existing backup architecture and favorite cloud provider
  • Secure: Offers end-to-end security for data at rest and in flight using FIPS 140-2 level 1-validated encryption
  • Simple: Takes you from zero to protected in less than 30 minutes via intuitive management console

AltaVault can send data with ease to NetApp StorageGRID Webscale object storage software and most public and private object stores—giving you durable, cost-effective, private cloud archives at web scale.

Start as small as 2TB. Scale up to 57PB of protected data in the cloud. Choose the AltaVault offering that’s right for you: physical, virtual, or cloud-based in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure clouds, or deploy on FlexPod.

How AltaVault Appliances Work

NetApp AltaVault provides seamless integrations with existing applications and cloud service providers.
NetApp AltaVault provides seamless integrations with existing applications and cloud service providers.